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A peek into the world of psychology through the lens of eCommerce professionals.

Why is customer intelligence so important for eCommerce?

Introducing the Crobox Code of Conduct

When Social Proof Doesn't Work: Persuasion Techniques Expert Guide

How to find psychographics and turn it into customer intelligence

5 reasons for cart abandonment and CRO solutions

How Crobox is helping Coop to digitalize their business

4 psychographic marketing research challenges (and solutions!)

Shopping States: Dynamic personas for your customer intelligence

What is psychographic data and how can it be used?

Evolutionary Psychology of eCommerce: On the Origin of Shopping

Crobox AI: How does it work?

The Irrational Consumer: A quick history

How to conduct online marketing research with psychographic data

Introducing the Crobox GDPR-Compliant User Data Portal

How to use resistance psychology to create relevant marketing messages

Ignore the hype: Here's the right strategy for your chatbot

Crobox Presents Victor: The blockchain technology where everybody wins

Cognitive Fluency for CRO: Design for streamlined customer journeys

Under the Influence: The Psychology of Social Media Influencers

Tips from psychology for webshop conversion funnel optimization

GDPR for eCommerce: It’s time to pay attention

Improving collaborative filtering on short session lengths

Choice Overload: Reducing shopping stress for CRO and improved CX

The Psychology of Christmas

Behavioral design for eCommerce webshops

6 cognitive biases you'll experience trading cryptocurrency

4 of the best Black Friday marketing strategy persuasion tactics

How to trigger subconscious behavior with behavior marketing

3 Behavioral Economics Approaches for Marketers

Using the ELM Persuasion Model for webshop design

How a Chief Behavioral Officer will change the norm of companies

Differences between how men and women shop

The relationship between live chat and conversion rate

Neil Patel on conversion optimization

The psychology of how color increases conversion

3 Persuasive Pricing Techniques That Make A Big Difference

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