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Crobox Blog

A peek into the world of psychology through the lens of eCommerce professionals.

Evolutionary Psychology of eCommerce: On the Origin of Shopping

Crobox AI: How does it work?

The Rational Consumer: Debunked

Online Marketing Psychology: How to truly understand your customer

Introducing the Crobox GDPR-Compliant User Data Portal

Marketing Resistance Psychology: Craft messages your audience loves

Chatbot Strategy: Reduce the psychological strain of online shopping

Crobox Presents Victor: The blockchain technology where everybody wins

Wait... what? The importance of fluency for user experience and conversion

Under the Influence: The Psychology of Social Media Influencers

Psychology of Online Shopping: Breaking down conversion barriers

GDPR for eCommerce: It’s time to pay attention

Improving collaborative filtering on short session lengths

Choice Overload: Help, we’re drowning in choice!

The Psychology of Christmas

Understanding and influencing online behavior with persuasive design

6 cognitive biases you'll experience trading cryptocurrency

Make your webshop Black Friday ready with persuasive design

How to trigger consumer behavior through subconscious marketing

3 Behavioral Economics Approaches for Marketers

How to persuasively design your webshop based on users’ involvement

How a Chief Behavioral Officer will change the norm of companies

Differences between how men and women do shopping

The relationship between live chat and conversion rate

Neil Patel on conversion optimization

Cart Abandonment - How Big Is The Problem?

Color Psychology for Conversion Rate Optimization

Psychological Pricing Techniques That Make A Big Difference

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