Report: Fashion Retail Persuasive Design

Stay ahead of the competition with our Fashion Persuasive Design Report.

Nikole Wintermeier | Mar 01, 2019

persuasive design report

Stay ahead of the competition with our Fashion Persuasive Design Report.

But it’s no longer about straightforward CRO. Consumer behavior is changing. Webshops need to be customer-centric to stay relevant. Every customer wants informative nudges, seamless journeys, frictionless checkout, and no conversion barriers.

Persuasive design starts by understanding consumer psychology and behavior and catering to these insights to create the best customer experiences. Our trend report was built using this approach, we reviewed over 100 webshops to identify 23 persuasive design trends.


Persuasive eCommerce design: Building a beautiful webshop


Throughout our review of over 100+ webshops, we put together three main trends:

  1. Behavioral Design 
  2. Fluency
  3. Insights

Each trend focuses on how psychology is used to build beautiful webshops. This is the crux of persuasive design for eCommerce. Retailers want to build webshops that leverage their understanding of consumer psychology in a way that is customer-centric, delightful, and shows beautiful design choices. 


The future of psychology in eCommerce design


In the last chapter of our trend report, we discuss future trends in eCommerce design from the perspective of eCommerce psychology and UX trends. 

If you’re curious to see how you can optimize your webshop design with psychology, this one’s for you. Or maybe you’re interested in collecting some tools to drive your CRO strategy in the most customer-centric way. 

Whatever your purpose today, download our full report to:

  • Learn about persuasive design trends and see these in practice 
  • Check each example against a psychological theory
  • Learn about getting actionable insights from your on-site data
  • Read about our predictions for future design trends to stay ahead of the curve

Download the report by clicking on the box below.

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