A peek into the world of psychology through the lens of eCommerce professionals.

Jun 11, 2019 by Crobox Team

Differences between how men and women shop

In John Gray’s famous book “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus”, he makes the point that the “two sexes differ in their perspectives, motives, rationales, and actions.” We ...

May 27, 2019 by Nikole Wintermeier

4 Steps to Retail Customer Intelligence

In our increasingly competitive business environment, this seems like a logical question for any aspiring company looking to maximize their business value. As an online retailer ...

Apr 16, 2019 by Janelle de Weerd

Nudge Marketing Examples: How to drive online purchase behavior

You’ve worked hard to improve your click-through rates - running hundreds of A/B tests trying to find the perfect CTA color, product image, price framing. Yet, somehow, your ...

Apr 02, 2019 by Janelle de Weerd

The Crobox Persuasion Index: 100+ webshops evaluated to find the most persuasive brands

Today we announced the launch of our first annual Persuasion Index. This index is a comprehensive ranking of most persuasive and seamless fashion retail webshops. Over the last ...

Jan 29, 2019 by Janelle de Weerd

13 Psychographic Marketing Examples

Over the last decade, we’ve been witness to an ever-increasing phenomenon, demanders of attention are increasing as our attention span quickly shrinks. Every day hundreds to ...

Jan 14, 2019 by Kas Szatylowicz

5 Ways Retail AI Will Influence Consumer Behavior

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been steadily influencing numerous industries throughout 2017 and 2018, improving the way businesses carry out certain processes. However, ...

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