Report: The eCommerce Guided Selling Handbook

Get ahead of the guided selling game now. 

Nikole Wintermeier | Nov 15, 2021


Get ahead of the guided selling game now. 

eCommerce is more competitive than it’s ever been before. The market is saturated with an endless array of products – most of them similar.

Your shoppers are struggling to find the perfect products they’re looking for. 

Against the backdrop of the pandemic, more shoppers also crave in-store experiences online: Digital customer journeys that are human and personalized. 

Guided selling in eCommerce is how your brand can enter into a conversation with your customers, whilst facilitating their product discovery journeys in an authentic way.  

But not all retailers are able to effectively carry out guided selling in a way that builds trust, optimizes conversions, and delights the end-customer in the process. 


Guided selling can carve out your competitive advantage


How do you balance conversions with customer-centricity? In short, how do you know your brand is game for guided selling? 

From analyzing the psychology of guided selling to showing guided selling tools in action, this is your ultimate go-to handbook.

Download this report to:

  • See seven examples of guided selling in action
  • Learn how to build your own product finder
  • Learn how to apply guided selling data at scale 
  • Future-proof your eCommerce store 

Become guided selling gurus in only four chapters and, 

  1. Win back shoppers
  2. Build better on-site experiences
  3. Elevate the product discovery path with data 
  4. Anticipate the market  
  5. Foster customer loyalty


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