Report: Data-Driven Nudge Marketing for Retail

Download our ebook on applying nudge theory in eCommerce.

Nikole Wintermeier | May 01, 2020

data-driven nudge marketing report

Download our ebook on applying nudge theory in eCommerce.

Ever heard about the nudge theory? Popular among behavioral economists, nudges are tiny design choices that influence the choice architecture. 

Whilst this is a popular theory among consumer psychologists, how do you apply this research to your webshop? Our ebook reveals how to apply data-driven nudge marketing online and across multiple channels. 


Big Impact, Small Nudge: The power of nudge theory in retail

data driven nudge theory


In eCommerce, nudge theory has been used in the form of implicit cues that drive behavior on a website. Our ebook discusses the theory behind nudges from behavioral economics, its use in politics, society, and everyday decision-making. 

We give real-life examples of nudge theory at work to create a comprehensive understanding of the big theory behind small nudges. 

Online, nudges are things like product badges. These are cues that provide information about a product, draw attention, streamline decisions, and drive behavior from the PDP to PLP and towards checkout. 

Yet product badges are only one example of nudge theory in retail. We’ve compiled more than twenty-seven examples of eCommerce nudges in our ebook! Learn more about applying go-to nudges like product notifications, PDP reviews, interactive overlays, and smart nudges leveraging the Endowment Effect, Price Anchoring, etc. 

Plus, with every example, we provide DIY tips so you can start implementing nudges straight away on your webshop! That’s the beauty of implementing a nudge marketing strategy. Nudges are low-cost and behavior-driving. 


Applying nudge theory: Getting actionable insights from your nudges 


Our ebook also covers how you can reuse your nudge insights across multiple channels from marketing to merchandising. Learn how to extract actionable data from your product badges in the smartest way to build and nurture your customer relationships. 


Why is applying nudge theory in retail important?


We predict that the next wave in retail analytics will be centered around product data. If you can learn what your customers love about your products, you can understand more about your customer segments, products, and brand. 

Nudges are a good way to collect this kind of data, which sheds light on your shoppers' behavior and reveals a little about who they are as individuals. 

To understand more about this process, from nudge examples (good ones and bad!) to applying nudge data omnichannel, to insights on product intelligence, our free ebook is for you.  

In short, download the ebook to:

  • Learn about nudge theory
  • Learn how to apply nudges on your webshop
  • See examples of leading brands leveraging nudges online
  • Learn how to get actionable data from your nudges
  • Learn how to reuse nudge data across multiple channels (e.g., in-store, email, social media)

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