Read our blog to see the standard we set for our content. Keep in mind we don't accept every guest post request. If the first or second draft doesn't meet our requirements, we can decide not to publish your work. 

With that in mind, please read these guidelines carefully before submitting your request. We only publish original, thought-provoking, and actionable content directed towards retail experts. 


1. Get in Touch

How do I submit a request?

Introduce yourself! Send us an email at and include:

  1. Links to your/the author’s previous work 
  2. Links to your brand’s blog
  3. Three potential headlines within the scope of Crobox’s content and your brand’s expertise



  • Guest posts from publications that work in/for eCommerce
  • Title options with a clear SEO opportunity for Crobox
  • Titles with a specified long-tail opportunity keyword 



  • Article rewrites 
  • Clickbaity headlines (e.g., promising $5mil increased revenue)
  • Headlines that are not specific to our audience (general marketing headlines won't cut it)

Note: We accept only three links to your company's website.


What should I write about?

Good question. Always ask questions, by the way, especially if you don’t understand our solution or need more transparency throughout this process. We reply to emails at speed and so should you. 

Our content ranges from Marketing/Consumer Psychology, eCommerce Strategy, and Persuasive Design to Retail Analytics, Data, and AI. See for more inspiration.


2. Write for Us! 


How should I format this guest post?


  • We use google docs (when sharing the first draft make sure we can edit the document) 
  • Keyword-based subheaders for SEO 
  • Preferred word length 1,500-2,000 words but more welcome when it is of value - every word should serve a purpose
  • Use GIFs, visuals, screenshots, graphs, etc. where appropriate. Get creative - we appreciate a unique approach to formatting to content!

Your Title Should be in H1

Your subtitles should be in H2

Secondary subtitles in H3 (capitalize the first letter)

  • Use bullet points, numbered lists, quotes to make your article scannable (but don’t overdo it, we prefer a Crobox approach rather than a Neil Patel one in terms of formatting)


How should this guest post be written?


  • We write in American English, optimize not optimise, color not colour, eCommerce not e-commerce
  • Use the Oxford comma, (i.e. Crobox is witty, curious, and human) 
  • Back every claim with research. We love academic papers & links to credible sources with a high DA, but don’t overuse or abuse the juice, i.e., don’t overstuff with keywords or links to the same site


Crobox Tone of Voice:

Expert: We are confident thought-leaders who give professional advice, insights, and explanations.   

Curious: Curiosity drives our approach. We want to uncover the why behind the buy. 

Passionate: We believe that without passion we cannot go above and beyond. We strive for excellence in everything that we do, and are passionate about making a difference. 

Human: Our solution is very technical, but the backbone of our insights are human. Our communication is conversational, and we keep the customer in mind at all times. 

Unique: We provide fresh perspectives, interesting insights, and new stories. Our copy steers away from dull, mainstream language, and we stand out with big thoughts.

Witty: We are intelligent communicators who appreciate light-heartedness, jokes, and clever word-play in our engagement. 

Purpose: We don’t go off on illogical tangents. In everything we write, we chose our words deliberately. Our purpose is to understand human behavior, and this gives us meaning. 


Who is your target audience?

Our content targets Customer Experience, eCommerce, Merchandisers, and Personalization managers and directors. 

With that in mind, your language should be mature and deep-dive into subjects that are relevant for mid-level to senior professionals. 

Although we’re more interested in telling a story rather than spouting facts, we want our clients to trust us as thought leaders and experts within our field of research.