Contribute to the Crobox Blog

Are you looking to expand your reach while getting some precious link juice? Well, you’re in luck, as we are currently accepting guest posts for the Crobox blog. 

Our content team is always looking to diversify our blog with high-quality articles from the community. Do you have a unique view that you’d like to share in the retail subject areas of Customer Intelligence & Analytics, Data Science & AI, Marketing Psychology, eCommerce, or Persuasive Design? Don’t hesitate to reach out.


Submitting an article request

Reach out to our team at In your request, please include:

  • Link to the represented brand’s blog
  • Links to the author’s previous work
  • Three potential headlines within the scope of Crobox’s content and your brand’s expertise


Article Requirements


Crobox covers a range of topics for online retail marketing. We specifically focus on articles within the areas of Customer Intelligence & Analytics, AI, Data, Psychology, and Persuasive Design. Your article should relate to one of these topics. 

We don’t accept article rewrites. All submissions should take a unique point of view, showing thought leadership. 

Keep in mind that our content targets Customer Experience, eCommerce, and Personalization managers and directors. This means the language should be mature and dive deep into subjects that are geared towards mid-level to senior professionals.



What’s a blog post without strategic SEO? Not much - in our humble opinions ;) Please think about the opportunity keywords you’d like to target. Let us know what the long-tail keyword for your article is so we can understand the scope of your piece. The title and headlines should facilitate these keywords to shine.



Diverse content that shows different perspectives is what we strive for, we’re over the moon when we receive high-quality posts from which our readers can learn. 

The post should be between 1,500-2,000 words, but more is also welcome! Be sure to include links to sources as well as visuals that help guide the reader. Please aim to include one visual per section as well as a banner image.

All authors should be completely fluent in American English. Thereby, following the grammar guidelines (optimize not optimise, color not colour, etc.). Your post will be subject to change if it doesn’t fit within our grammatical style.

Our tone of voice is casual and approachable. We’re more interested in telling a story than spouting facts. We are big fans of puns, personal anecdotes, and other hooks that engage the reader.

We’re firm believers that less is more, so choose your words with care. Although we’re big fans of engaging stories, our readers have limited time and value conciseness. Striking a balance is key!


Guideline checklists:


  • Topics: Customer Intelligence & Analytics, AI, Data, Psychology, and Persuasive Design
  • Target Audience: Customer Experience, eCommerce, and Personalization managers and directors
  • Search engine optimized with a clear indication of the (long-tail) keywords showcased in the article
  • A casual, witty tone that tells a story


  • Title is H1
  • Subtitles are H2 with secondary subtitles H3
  • 1,500+ words
  • No overuse of links
  • American English
  • Capitalize the first letter of the subtitles
  • Use the Oxford comma
  • Author bio at the end of the article
  • Images at least 800px wide
  • Image file names with descriptive keyword


Submission Process

Please be sure to proofread your article before submission. Once it’s publication-ready, here’s the general process we have:

  • Send a Google doc with the article to your contact person
  • Our content team will revise the first draft
  • The author will make the necessary changes
  • Repeat if needed (max two editorial rounds)
  • Send final draft
  • We will publish it according to our content schedule
  • The post will be accessible on our website, promoted in all of our social channels, and sent out to our mailing lists