Retail Marketing Calendar 2022: Plan Your Campaigns Ahead Of Time

Plan your 2022 marketing campaigns ahead of time. 

Nikole Wintermeier | Feb 14, 2022
Retail Marketing Calendar 2022: Plan Your Campaigns Ahead Of Time

Plan your 2022 marketing campaigns ahead of time. 

In 2021, the retail calendar year was disrupted. It’s no secret that many of you suffered from store closures and supply chain disruptions. 

But with stability on the horizon, retailers are gearing up for a more profitable year to come. 

And yet, this retail year will be unlike any other. We’re expecting more digital growth than ever before, more online shopping, and more disruption to the in-store experience. 

With that in mind, we’ve prepared a 12-month calendar to help you get back on your feet. Download the full calendar for free at the end of this article. 

In this retail 2022 calendar, we outline every big retail event from national holidays to awareness months. 

If you’re a marketer, merchandiser, CRO specialist, or even the eCommerce manager, you may be thinking you know about these big events already. 

But if you thought that Valentine’s Day was the only occasion for celebration in February – think again. 

From events like Cancer Awareness Day to National Pizza Day, there’s no shortage of events you can start to think around, especially if you’re product offering and audience are on board. 

Here’s a rundown of all the retail events of 2022. 




January is your new year kick-off. But it's also a pretty slow season when it comes to retail. Especially after the booming 'golden quarter' of last year.

In fact, we've analyzed our shopping data from October to December of 2021 to help retailers understand what trends drove behavior. 

It's January, so it's time to start brainstorming your initiatives for the year!


Important retail marketing events in Jan. 

1st New Year’s Day

1-31st Dry January 

17th Blue Monday 

27th Chocolate Cake Day



Blue Monday is behind us – yay! Many shoppers will experience February with relief mingled with monthly salary pay-ups. 

Shopping is back on the agenda. 


Important retail marketing events in Feb.

1st Chinese New Year

1st-28th LGBTQI History Month (UK)

1st Black History Month (US)

4th World Cancer Awareness Day 

9th National Pizza Day

13th Super Bowl Sunday (US)

14th Valentines Day

  • Looking to find the perfect gift for your female partner? Check out Crobox’s Fit Finder on Love Stories. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for you male partner, have a look at the Jacket Finder

17th Random Act Of Kindness Day



March madness – for more things than sport. In the Western hemisphere, Spring is in the air, and many consumers are already starting to prepare their wardrobes for this occasion. 


Important retail marketing events in March

1st National Pancake Day

3rd World Wildlife Day

3rd World Book Day 

  • If you’re an online marketplace selling books, you may want to get ahead of the data curve. After all, that’s how Amazon started out – selling books. Read more on product intelligence to be data-driven when it comes to selling specific products. 

8th International Women’s Day 

  • Link to women’s sports marketing (Retail Unboxed)

13th BAFTAs

17th St Patrick’s Day 

20th First Day of Spring 

20th International Day of Happiness 

27th Mother’s Day (UK)


From Ramadan to Easter, there are a lot of events this month that will be close to the cultures and hearts of your customers. 

Tread with care this month. Learn the behaviors, likes, and dislikes of who you are marketing to so that you can improve their experiences through the lens of their lifestyle. Psychographics is key for this. 

Important retail marketing events in April

1st-31st Diversity Month 

1st April Fool’s Day 

  • Fooling for fun is always a good idea…but what if you fool to manipulate or persuade? In eCommerce, this quickly becomes known as a Dark Pattern. Learn how to avoid them at all costs here.

2nd-3rd Ramadan Begins 

10th Siblings Day

11th National Pet Day

15th Good Friday

17th Easter Sunday

18th Easter Monday

19th Bicycle Day

21st National Tea Day

22nd Earth Day



May is all smiles, from celebrating laughter to cocktails. It doesn't matter what your product offering is, if you can navigate this month in relation to its important events, you can begin to create cultural as well as emotional ties with your customers. 

Plus, this month is technology day! As experts working in both consumer behavior and tech, we've provided a whole list of content you can consume on these topics. 


Important retail marketing events in May

1st-31st Mental Health Awareness Month

  • Fight content fatigue: Do better for your shoppers and make their experiences more human with conversational search 

1st World Laughter Day

2nd-7th Teacher Appreciation Week 

4th Star Wars Day

8th Mother’s Day (U.S., Can, Aus)

13th World Cocktail Day

  • Whether you’re selling cocktails or biscuits, you need to understand how your shoppers' search, discover, and explore your products. Read: What is eCommerce product discovery?

11th National Technology Day 

15th International Day of the Family 

17 World Telecommunication Day 

18th World AIDS Vaccine Day

29th National Biscuit Day 

31st Anti-Tobacco Day 


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World Environment Day is this month, and it's not just important for us Earthlings to come together. But for retailers too, since the fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world. 

How do you avoid greenwashing? How do you repurpose your textile waste? What does the future of retail sustainability look like? 

It's time to start thinking around these ideas. For unique insights into the life cycle assessment of your products, read our interview with Sjoerd Herlaar. 


Important retail marketing events in June

1st-31st LGBTQIA+ Pride Month 

3rd National Donut Day 

  • REPORT: How does product discovery work through the lens of behavioral discovery?

4th National Cheese Day

5th Wold Environment Day 

15th National Beer Day (UK) 

19th Father’s Day 

20th Juneteenth (U.S.)

20th World Refugee Day 

21st World Music Day 

21st First Day of Summer 

  • Start your summer email marketing early! Get creative with these 10 email marketing examples that leverage nudges. Read the guest post from Campaign Monitor here
  • What is nudge marketing? How to drive behavior in the most customer-centric way. 

21st International Day of Yoga (Summer Solstice) 

25th June Midsummer’s Day 



Who doesn't love July? Spirits are high, and marketing opportunities are too. If anything, it's time to start preparing for the Back to School season which is just around the corner (sorry to break it to you school kids). 


Important retail marketing events in July

1st Canada Day 

4th American Independence Day 

6th International Kissing Day 

7th World Chocolate Day 

11th-12th Amazon Prime Day (est.)

14th Bastille Day (Fr) 

17th World Emoji Day

  • Build out your social commerce strategy by speaking your customer’s language, leveraging your data omnichannel, and bringing your brand to the shopper. To help you get started, read about TikTok Social Shopping. 

18th International Nelson Mandela Day

30th International Friendship Day  


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What is it about your products that make them stand out to your customers? Understanding behavior is important to optimizing your campaigns. 

Our advice?

Use August as a wind-down month to start preparing for retail's golden quarter. You'll need all the preparation you can get. 


Important retail marketing events in August

1st Black Business Month 

  • Bring your products to life and let them tell a story, symbolic or otherwise with Crobox’s Product Stories.

8th International Cat Day

9th Book Lover’s Day 

  • Whether you’re a bookstore, pet store, or any other online retailer, you could benefit from learning about the psychological principles that can optimize your customer experiences. Start with cognitive fluency psychology to learn how best to optimize your UX. 
  • 46 psychological marketing examples: The biggest, baddest list of psychological principles EVER (that you can use both online and off). 

15th Indian Independence Day 

19th World Photography Day 

  • Color psychology: Why consumers respond to visuals, photos, and what kinds of colors can make an impact. 

26th National Dog Day

29th National Sports Day



While also the first month back to school for students, it's also the first month back to school for teachers. 

The lesson is this: When marketing your products, don't forget who's consuming them and who holds the ultimate purchasing power (for back to school, this is often parents). 

Luckily, we've curated some great content that will help you learn more about products and the customers buying them. 


Important retail marketing events in September

1st-31st Self Improvement Month 

2nd Coconut Day 

5th Teacher’s Day / Back-to-school

  • Back-to-school marketing: Prep your campaigns and sell your products 
  • Learn about product bundling to get your pencils, notebooks, and general back-to-school packages grouped together and sold at a discount!

6th Labor Day (U.S.)

10th Mid-Autumn Festival 

11th Grandparents Day 

14th Hindi Diwas 

17th Oktoberfest (Ger)

27th World Tourism Day 

30th International Podcast Day abou

29th World Heart Day 

  • Get to the heart of consumer behavior: Learn how ASICS combined psychology and neuroscience to make the customer experience more human. 
  • ASICS CASE STUDY: How ASICS brought guided selling online to elevate the customer experience in the most human, and data-conscious way. 


Sober October anyone? Many consumers do Dry January, but for some, October is the month to get back in shape. Especially with the start of school, sports seasons, and seasonal changes, many shoppers are looking for products to help them through the month. 


Important retail marketing events in October

1st International Coffee Day 

4th World Animal Day 

2nd International Day of Non-Violence 

10th World Mental Health Day ‘

22nd National Nut Day

  • Peanut? Cashew nut? Nuts for salad? The keywords you use will determine how easy it is to drive a campaign not just for nuts, but for any product you’re selling. A robust keyword strategy is all about SEO. Read our guest post here

25th World Pasta Day

26th National Pumpkin Day 

24th Diwali 

31st Halloween 

  • Running a Halloween campaign? Crobox’s Dynamic Messaging will let you drive your seasonal campaigns from Halloween to Valentines Day 


Movember month! Practice segmentation so that your marketing campaigns can effectively be personalized based on demographics (e.g., gender). Or, if you're looking for IT maturity, personalized based on behavioral data. 


Important retail marketing events in November

1st-31st Men’s Health Awareness Month 

  • Hello, Movember! Time to spot the behavioral differences between men and women so you can learn how to appeal to a gendered segment this month. Read it here
  • Speaking of customer segmentation – learn to get it right once and for all. 
  • Practicing segmentation online? Check out these behavioral segmentation examples.  
  • What's the difference between men and women's shopping behaviors? Check out this blog post on the psychology of gender during shopping online. Hint: It's not what you think!

1st World Vegan Day 

5th Guy Fawkes Night 

11th Remembrance Day 

21st FIFA World Cup begins 

25th Black Friday 

26th Small Business Saturday 

  • Craft 1:1 human relationships with your customers…learn to leverage the Endowment Effect for small businesses.  

28th Cyber Monday 

  • Today is all about leveraging data in the right way. Read this article on how to turn your product analytics into actionable insights.



That's a wrap! You've made it through the year! Don't forget to use data from last year's golden quarter to help you optimize, personalize, and get ready for the Christmas crunch time.


Important retail marketing events in December

1st-31st Holiday Season Starts

4th National Cookie Day

  • Apple’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention Law: How cookies expire and what it means to personalize on-site experiences while staying within data-protection laws. While not the yummiest kind of cookies – these are arguably more important for any eCommerce pro!

3rd Make A Gift Day

  • Gift-giving season is upon us! Implement a Gift Finder on your webshop to help shoppers find the perfect gift for their loved ones with the least amount of effort. See the Product Finder to start. 
  • The Product Finder Playbook: How to build, design, and optimize your product finders.  

10th Human Rights Day 

12th Green Monday 

  • Textile Waste: How to do better as a retailer
  • Join the realest retail revolution today! Read about the resale market and why it’s so hot right now. 

14th Christmas Sweater Day 

  • Sell product bundles so shoppers can give gifts grouped together. Read about a product bundling strategy here.

21st Winter Solstice 

24th Christmas Eve

25th Christmas Day 

26th Boxing Day 

28th Bank Holiday (UK)

31st New Year’s Eve

Download the full calendar here and keep it handy as one of your road-mapping tools! 

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