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Crobox Presents Victor: The blockchain technology where everybody wins

Janelle de Weerd | Apr 14, 2018
Crobox presents Victor

Over the last decade, the digital landscape has changed drastically. We‘ve entered an age where society as a whole is accustomed to having the world’s information at our fingertips. And while this has created the opportunity for brands to build an online presence where they can engage, interact, and serve their customers, it has also given rise to a culture that is overloaded with choice and information.

As a consequence, data-driven businesses have emerged to meet the demand of enterprises striving to build more relevant and effective campaigns. At Crobox, we’ve built a shopper profiling platform that helps brands to create better customer experiences by helping them to understand the motivations behind their users’ behavior.

With the help of our AI-powered solution that personalizes and optimizes the customer journey, brands communicate with their audience in the best possible way. And, at the same time, consumers have better experiences when searching for information and making decisions.

However, while the days of endless data streams were sweet, we are now entering a new age of data collection. An era in which the ownership of data is being transferred back to their due owner: the consumer.

With this shift, a new challenge arises for consumers and retailers alike. On one side, brands will be pushed to find new ways to incentivize customers to share their data so they can continue to make resonating campaigns. On the other, customers will be confronted with a tradeoff where they have to decide whether sharing their data is worth the improved experience.

To meet the demands of this ever-changing landscape, Crobox is broadening their influence to serve the consumer with the same purpose and dedication that we serve to enterprises around the globe. This is why we are proud to present Victor, the blockchain technology where everybody wins.

In the traditional sense, a Victor is the winner in a struggle or contest. But we’re not traditional. We believe when it comes to data, both consumers and retailers can simultaneously win.

Victor stands for value. We give customers the opportunity to choose from the best offers while they search for products and services.

Victor stands for vault. We provide shoppers the tools they need to manage, secure, and monetize their shopping data

Victor stands for voice. We make sure individuals have the final say when it comes to their data. Because, ultimately, it’s their browsing history, their favorites, and their transactions.

By empowering and incentivizing shoppers to manage, secure, and share their data, we are creating a marketplace that is both run by the people and for the people.

Find out more at VCTR.io or follow us on Reddit, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

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