Crobox 2.0: Bringing a New Identity to Life

A rebrand must be flexible enough to grow with a business, no matter how it evolves.

Daryll Williams | Feb 21, 2023
Crobox 2.0: Bringing a New Identity to Life

A rebrand must be flexible enough to grow with a business, no matter how it evolves.


While maintaining brand consistency is important, an identity should never be set in stone. As a business, we’ve spent time and resources crafting and perfecting our brand. But, we’re firm believers in the philosophy that it can, and should, evolve.

That’s why we’re proud to reveal that Crobox’s new brand identity hits the shelves across our digital footprint today. We’ve managed to distill the essence of our company into a fresh new look while twisting our colors into something a bit more vibrant and ever-visible. We’ve polished our personality, style guide, and the way we show up in the world.

Today’s launch has been months in the making – thank you to each and every Croboxian who brought it to life!


Why Crobox decided to refresh its brand



Being at the forefront of Guided Selling looks a lot different today


Brand reputation has never been more important, and consumers are more vocal about what they expect from their favorite brands. Change is happening quickly within our industry, and we are keeping pace.

To better represent the market as a whole, we thought our brand should better reflect what we deliver today. Our updated look and feel pushes back on the Crobox of yesterday – reimagining what it looks like to be at the forefront of Guided Selling today.


Introducing the Crobow



Welcome the Crobox bow (or Crobow, for short)


Our new logo has a nickname: The Crobow. It’s composed of the letter C from the shape of a box, placed in our primary color. The box elements come together to make a bow or a ribbon, inspired by our movement, flexibility, and uniqueness.

The ribbon effect gives depth to the shapes. By rounding off sharp edges, we are shown to simplify complex topics. The Crobow also provides a sense of ease and professionalism. Plus, the Crobow represents a gift. Using Crobox’s technology is a gift to our users with the promise to boost the success metrics of their choosing.


Uplifting Crobox’s core values




Connect your customers to your products faster and with ease


This brand revamp is an addition to the core values we nurture and share – both towards our respected clients and our devoted employees. It emphasizes our focus on customer-centricity and our people-first approach to everything we do.

We will continue to commit to our clients and provide the same, or higher, level of professionalism. We would like to express sincere gratitude to our long-term business partners for their trust.


The journey continues




Welcome to a next-generation Guided Selling solution


Crobox has always attempted to power up product discovery. Our data-driven, privacy-first approach has gotten us far. Now, with our updated brand settled, we are looking towards the future – one where we are building a next-generation Guided Selling solution that humanizes product discovery.

Explore our new brand

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