How Crobox is helping Coop to digitalize their business

A behind the scenes look at how we helped Coop gain valuable customer intelligence.

Crobox Team | Sep 11, 2018

Coop Crobox Collaboration

A behind the scenes look at how we helped Coop gain valuable customer intelligence.

Several weeks ago, we sat down with Jop van Sommeren, eCommerce Manager at Coop, to discuss what Crobox has done for their website. Next to other impressive accomplishments, Crobox’s full-service software and experts have helped raise Coop’s online average order value by 8.38%.

Take a look at our interview to learn more about our collaboration.

Can you tell me a little bit about your work as an eCommerce Manager at Coop?

Jop: Certainly. Our department has changed a lot in the last few years. I started out running things mainly by myself, with the main objective to build out a new eCommerce platform for and our app. Over the years, the department expanded to a whole team of marketers, UXers, product owners, and content specialists. My own responsibilities include coordinating the team members, overseeing our strategy, building a successful roadmap, increasing revenue, and planning new campaigns in line with Coop’s vision.

What were the main objectives for your department this last year?

Jop: The market for online grocery shopping is rapidly growing. For the average supermarket chain, about 3% of sales are being made online. Coop is still relatively new to the field and has lots of room to grow. 

Currently, we’re working hard to reach the same level as more veteran players in the Dutch online food retail industry. Important objectives in moving towards this goal include increasing our conversion rates, familiarity with our brand, and getting more people to download our app - all areas in which we’ve been making progress over time.

What is the main challenge that needs to be overcome to reach this goal?

Jop: In the offline market, Coop is a relatively big player in the Netherlands. Our stores welcome about 1.5 million customers per week and our turnover is closing in on about 1.5 billion euros. Safe to say, we get plenty of exposure but now it’s up to us to convince these customers of the ease of online grocery shopping.

Our target audience is a little more traditional than others.Most of our shoppers visit us for their daily meal or items they forgot to buy earlier, but we don’t get that many people doing all their weekly groceries at once in our stores. However, that just so happens to be the category most suitable for online shopping, as we’re stuck to a minimum order value of 40 euros.

Right now, we’re faced with the challenge to upgrade our regular “cart shoppers” to high-value online shoppers, that means we’re looking for ways to increase the average value of people’s orders.

Why did you decide to partner with Crobox to reach these goals?

Jop: We had been looking for new ways to increase our conversion ratio for a while. On top of that, gaining more insight into our client base has been a high priority for us.

I heard about Crobox through some mutual acquaintances and learned that it is a company that incorporates both these objectives in a fully automated service - a combination we were not yet familiar with. The AI technology and the possibility to gain new customer insights looked appealing, so we chose to partner up.

We’re already a few months into the collaboration - how are things working out?

Jop: Starting out, this was a new experience for both parties. Crobox introduced us to their detailed methodology on persuasion psychology - The Journey of Influence. Conversely, we were a “first” to them as well. Crobox has partnered with brands in different branches (fashion, electronics, etc.) before but a national supermarket chain was still unexplored territory.

There’s a big difference between these industries when it comes to customer journeys. Whereas the average shopper on a clothing website buys no more than two or three items, ours quickly order up to about forty. Thankfully, we’ve maintained ongoing and constructive communication throughout the entire period - both before and during the trial run - to find the right strategy.  

How has Crobox been able to help you towards reaching the goals for Coop’s website?

Jop: The results so far have been really positive. One of our main KPIs was to increase the average order value (AOV). In just three months, Crobox helped us to increase our AOV by 8.38%.

Using persuasion tags, notifications, and boosters on our product listing page, product detail pages, and check-out, we were able to determine the most effective technique for each situation. In our case, authority and social proof ended being top performers. Those are valuable insights we can add to our online strategy.

That’s great! And what’s in store for the future?

Jop: We have partnered up with multiple parties to improve our online performance, including outside marketing and search experts. Combining the datasets from all these sources will further boost our customer intelligence and allow us to make more detailed customer profiles.

Now that we’re able to add Crobox’s persuasive knowledge to the mix, we’re coming much closer to the complete picture.

Want to see an overview of the experiments we ran on Coop’s website? Take a look at our case study!


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